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Loring Commerce Centre (LCC), the former Loring Air Force Base, is a busy commercial, industrial, and aviation park with over twenty-five business entities employing more than 750 highly-qualified personnel. LCC is home to some of the most significant “open the door ready” economic development assets in northern Maine. With over 3,800 acres of developed area and 900,000 square feet of unoccupied or underutilized, practical buildings and developable sites supported by high-capacity municipal utility infrastructure and a newly constructed dark fiber network, LCC is a great place to expand, relocate, or launch a new venture. Opportunity is here.

With a company that is a good fit for the Loring Commerce Centre, we have the capacity to build a workforce.

- Tim Crowley, President, Northern Maine Community College


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Aviation, Aerospace, UAS

Aviation, Aerospace, UAS

LCC's aviation complex operates as a private airport and has opportunities for manufacturing, MRO, research and development, autonomous systems, and new space industries.

  • Aviation, Aerospace, UAS
  • Forest Products
  • Agricultural Products
  • Renewable Energy
  • Manufacturing Technologies


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