The Loring Commerce Centre (LCC), is a large and diverse industrial/business park, complete with its own municipal support services, state-of the-art communications infrastructure and transportation systems.

LCC has unique facilities with the capacity to accommodate large-scale vehicle repair (trucks, RVs, containers, buses, rail vehicles) and other large-scale manufacturing production, with a 20+ history of performance with both US military and commercial products.

  • Transportation and agricultural equipment
  • Autonomous vehicle development and testing
  • Maintenance, repair and overhaul of large vehicles and equipment
  • Composite and advanced materials
  • Renewable energy components
  • Advanced Al technologies
  • Additive precision machining
  • LCC has space that is ideal for large-scale storage and assembly
  • Currently refurbishing and customizing shipping container systems for SNAP space
  • On-site fiber broadband
  • On-site specialized training with Loring Job Corps
  • Significant increase in RV industry (up 19.5% over 2020) largest totals on record – opportunities in kitting, j/vs and customization
  • Shipping container modification industry is a $31 B market in the US and is growing globally at approximately 6.6%/yr
  • Transportation industry is growing both in the commercial and government sectors with needs that uniquely correspond to LCC’s large-scale facility capacities
  • Pine Tree Development Zone (PTZ)- Tier 1 location
  • Business Equipment Tax Exemption (BETE)
  • Opportunity Zone (OZ)
  • Municipal Tax Increment Financing (TIF)
  • New Market Tax Credit (NMTC)
  • Streamlined Permitting and Flexible Zoning

Northern Maine has a motivated and affordable workforce, as well as a number of applied workforce training programs to support business growth. The State of Maine offers numerous business assistance programs to help support business growth.

Specialized training

Local community colleges and universities will help build a workforce for your business, customized to your business needs.

Pre-hire training

Maine’s community colleges offer short-term FREE training programs for workforce development.

Workforce funding

The Maine Workforce Development Compact offers member businesses training funds, scholarships, and personalized advising.


The Maine Apprenticeship Program has established “earn while you learn” apprenticeship work models customized to the specific needs of employers.

With a company that is a good fit for the Loring Commerce Centre, we have the capacity to build a workforce.
- Tim Crowley, President,
Northern Maine Community College

Please contact us to learn more about our specialized assets for next generation aviation and aerospace businesses.

Carl W. Flora, President & CEO
Loring Development Authority of Maine
Ph: 207-328-7005

Steve Levesque
Business Development Advisor
Ph: 207-841-9955