There is an energy corridor and pipeline that extends from Loring to Searsport. The pipeline is currently being leased by Bangor Gas and the corridor is seen as a potential asset for other energy transmission and fuel transportation, including a potential biofuel operation currently being discussed.


  • Loring has been identified as an ideal site to locate a biofuels manufacturing facility (for jet fuel/aviation use) due to its proximity to woody biomass resources (ME, NB, QC) and access to the 200 mile Searsport/Loring energy transmission corridor
  • There is a 7-step process for the successful building of a 100 million gallon/yr biofuel plant; planned expenditures of over $2 bil including the underground transmission infrastructure
  • The transmission line is Loring’s unique feature/advantage
  • Five to six years minimum time frame to build
  • Onsite solar/alternative energy is considered in discussions without additional data collection
  • Potential for solar/wind/kinetic energy assembly and other operations
  • Maine recognized as industry leader – UMaine FBRI and Tech Center
  • Could open up potential for data center and other high energy uses

Northern Maine has a motivated and affordable workforce, as well as a number of applied workforce training programs to support business growth. The State of Maine offers numerous business assistance programs to help support business growth.

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The Maine Workforce Development Compact offers member businesses training funds, scholarships, and personalized advising.


The Maine Apprenticeship Program has established “earn while you learn” apprenticeship work models customized to the specific needs of employers.

With a company that is a good fit for the Loring Commerce Centre, we have the capacity to build a workforce.
- Tim Crowley, President,
Northern Maine Community College

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