Limestone, ME.  December 31, 2023


Jeremy Fischer, chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Loring Development Authority (LDA), announced the retirement of long-time President & CEO Carl Flora and the appointment of Jon Judkins as interim President & CEO.  The changes will take effect January 1, 2024.  

Fischer stated: “Carl began working at LDA in 1995, just after Loring Air Force Base closed.  He began as Vice President & General Counsel, and he was named President & CEO in 2005.  His work has been invaluable to Loring and to the residents of Aroostook County.  We all owe him a giant debt of gratitude.”

During his time with the LDA, Flora worked with the Air Force to secure the transfer of about 3,700 acres into LDA’s ownership.  The extensive site work associated with Loring’s environmental cleanup was mostly completed in the early 2000’s.  In 2005, the Department of Defense announced a nationwide plan to consolidate the Defense Finance and Accounting System which would have closed the DFAS center at Loring which employed about 350 people at the time.  Flora co-chaired the Grow DFAS Committee which advocated before the Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) Commission that rather than close Loring’s DFAS center, it should be expanded because of its high productivity and low operating costs.  Ultimately the Commission decided to expand the center, nearly doubling its size.  

Flora will be succeeded by Jon Judkins, who currently serves as the Director of Finance and Accounting.  Judkins is a native of Caribou, Maine and lives in Woodland with his wife and three children.  “I’m pleased that the Board has entrusted me with the important role of managing the LDA through the daily challenges as the organization charts a new course for the future,” Judkins stated.  

The LDA sold part of the former base property to Green 4 Maine, LLC, in January 2023, along with options to purchase additional parcels in the future if certain job creation and leasing benchmarks are satisfied.  “The transaction with Green 4 Maine was a central part of LDA’s strategy to reduce its long-term liabilities and operating expenses” Flora stated.    “As Green 4 Maine’s work at the former base progresses and expands, the LDA board will need to assess LDA’s long-term strategy and role.  I’m excited to lead that work,” Judkins stated.  Flora stated that he has great confidence in Judkins.  “Jon is very devoted to the cause and brings many skills and talents to the table.  I’ve been impressed with his patience and ability to resolve issues to the satisfaction of all involved,” Flora said.  Flora plans to remain available to consult with LDA board members and staff throughout this transition.